When will the game/practice schedule be available?

The practice and game schedule is typically available the Monday before practices are scheduled to start.  For leagues that have InterPark play, the game schedules may not be available until the week before games are scheduled to start due to coordination between other parks and dependencies.

Why does my child’s league play evening games?

Saturday schedules are clustered by age groups.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Four of our leagues have different time limits.
  • Three of our leagues have different field dimensions.
  • We use different umpires for different age groups so we need to have the same leagues playing back to back for our umpires schedule to work in the most economic way.
  • Coordination of baseball schedules
  • Parking

The majority, if not all, the other parks in our area and throughout the country schedule Saturday games the same as we do: younger kids early and older kids later in the day and early evening.

We understand how a sports schedule impacts a family. However, one good thing about late Saturday games is that it's a great time for a team to go out as a group for pizza/dinner after the game.

Player Assessments, Tryouts and Drafts

How are players assigned to baseball teams?

Players are assigned to teams differently according to the age group. Please see the 'About Us' link for details.

For what seasons are assessments conducted?

Assessments are conducted for the Spring Ball season only. There are no assessments for Fall Ball seasons.


How do I get my child to play down an age group?

Ocee Park does not allow play downs unless there is a proven medical condition which limits a player's level of play.  If this is applicable to your child, please contact for more information.

How do I get my child to play up in an older age group??

Ocee Park baseball has a strict "No Play Up" policy.  Ocee Park allows limited playups in the 4/5 T-ball to 6U age group and the 6U to 7/8 age group. Any play up request must be submitted to the appropriate Recreation Coordinator and will be assessed on a case by case basis based on skill level and spots available in the league.  There are no playups allowed in age groups other than mentioned above (i.e., age 7 and above).

What should I do after registration?

After registration, you should:

  1. Review the equipment/uniforms FAQ to determine if you have any needs prior to the start of the season.
  2. Fill out any medical waiver forms needed and hand to the manager/coach at the first practice or parent meeting.
  3. SPRING SEASON ONLY:  Pay attention to emails and web site postings for assessment dates and times.  ASSESSMENTS ARE MANDATORY FOR PLAYERS DURING THE SPRING SEASON.  There are no assessments in the Fall season.
  4. Wait to be contacted by a manager/coach.  Drafts and Player Assignments take several weeks to occur.  You will be notified a few days prior to the start of practices via phone or email from the manager/coach of your team.  If you have NOT been contacted by 24 hours of the start of practices date, please email for more information.
Does the City Of Johns Creek have a Non-Residence Fee?

Effective June 1, 2011, the City of Johns Creek began collecting non-resident fees for all programs and facility rentals that are held at Newtown / Ocee Park.  Non-resident fees will not apply to programs held outside of City-owned parks. This is mandated by the city government of Johns Creek.

ALPHARETTA RESIDENTS ARE EXEMPT FROM THESE FEES and pay the same registration fee as CJC residents.

These fees are being collected to help offset the increased cost of park maintenance that is not being funded by non-residents that do not pay City of Johns Creek taxes.

Johns Creek’s non-resident fee policy is similar to the non-resident fee policies in neighboring jurisdictions like the cities of Alpharetta and Roswell.

City residency is determined by your legal home address.  Individuals that provide false information in order to register at residential rates shall be denied registration and/or dropped from the program with no refund.

For more information on the City of Johns Creek non-resident fee policy, please visit or email Kirk Franz, Recreation Manager at

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, Ocee Park is proud to now offer a sibling discount! The first child rate will be full price, but every additional child rate will be reduced by $25 per child in all leagues and age groups. IMPORTANT – to get the sibling discount on your registration, be sure to register your children in the same checkout transaction. The discount will automatically be applied when you add the 2nd child to your registration. Contact the OPAA Registrar at with questions about registration or the sibling discount.

Can I request a specific team/coach/player?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee requests to be assigned to a specific team, coach, or other players.  In many of our leagues we hold player assessments and drafts to distribute talent across the teams in order to attempt to create a positive experience for all teams.  As a result, these types of requests are just not possible.

In leagues, where we do not hold drafts and place kids by assignment, it may be possible to honor some requests as long as a significant imbalance of talent is not created.  Again, we are attempting to create a positive experience for all kids in the league.  However, NO REQUEST IS GUARANTEED.

Requests can be made in the NOTES field during the player registration process.

Can I request a specific schedule?

All schedules are evenly distributed across all eligible days of the week.  Typically everyone has a Saturday event.  Sundays are usually reserved for makeup games and select.  All other nights of the week are typically balanced across all the teams, so no team should have all their practices/games on a specific day or all have off on a specific day.  So unfortunately, it is not possible to request a specific schedule.

How are registration fees spent?

Registration fees are used to pay for uniforms, team equipment and training aids, umpire fees, league insurance, manager/coach training, player development clinics, capital improvements to the park, trophies/awards (when applicable) and league affiliation. Managers, coaches, and park officials are ALL volunteers and do not receive any pay or benefits from the program.  The concession stand and its employees are self sustaining.

When does registration begin?

Open registration is held twice a year and the approximate registration dates are as follows:

Spring Season - November 1 - December 15

Fall Season - 2nd Monday in May - July 31

What is the Dizzy Dean league age determination date for baseball?

The league age for the Spring season is based on the league age of the player as of April 30th of that season.  For example, the age of a baseball player as of April 30, 2018 will be that player's league age for the entire Spring 2018 season.

The Fall season is meant to be instructional preparation for the upcoming Spring season.  So the league age for the Fall season is based on the league age of the player for the upcoming Spring season.  For example, the age of a baseball player as of April 30, 2018 will be that player's league age for the Fall 2017 season AND the Spring 2018 season.

Does Ocee Park offer softball?

Johns Creek Softball is managed out of Newtown Park.  Contact them at for information on registration and programs.

Are baseball leagues co-ed?

Yes, all leagues at Ocee Park are open to boys and girls.

Withdrawal from the league

How do I withdraw my child from the league?

Withdrawals can be requested by sending an email to Withdrawal requests made by the registration deadline will result in a refund of fees paid - a $25 non-refundable processing fee.  Withdrawals after the deadline will not be eligible for any refund.  The withdrawal deadline can be found on the calendar of events for the current season.


What uniform pieces are provided and required?

The league will provide a game jersey, hat and belt.  The player should provide their own pants.  Wait until the first parent meeting with your assigned team to buy pants as your coach may request certain colors for uniformity.  Practice clothing is NOT provided as most players wear t-shirts and baseball pants.

What equipment does my child need to play?

The following equipment is required to play:

Fielding Glove - Beginning players should get an inexpensive glove until they show enough interest to make a larger investment in a glove.  A child should have the largest size glove that they can comfortably close around a baseball or softball.

Batting Helmet - All players must have their own helmet for sanitary reasons.  For baseball ages 9-10, a mask or a C-Flap must be worn on the mask.

The following equipment is optional and should be purchased as the player's commitment level to the sport rises:

Cleats - Baseball specific cleats are helpful for running in infield mud and grass.

Bats - Bats can range from cheap to expensive based on the quality of the bat.  Please check the rules for your specific league for requirements on bats.

Batting Gloves - Can be helpful to help grip the bat.  These are usually purchased in pairs.


How do I reserve a field or pavilion? (for those not affiliated with an Ocee Park Athletic Association team)

You must contact the City of Johns Creek at the link above.

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